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Statements of Responsibility

Ministerial Statement of Responsibility

I am satisfied that the information on future operating intentions provided by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in this Statement of Intent and the Information Supporting the Estimates is in accordance with sections 38, 40, 41 of the Public Finance Act 1989 and is consistent with the policies and performance expectations of the Government.


Rt Hon John Key

Prime Minister

13 April 2011


Chief Executive Statement of Responsibility

In signing this statement, I acknowledge that I am responsible for the information contained in the Statement of Intent for the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. This information has been prepared in accordance with the Public Finance Act 1989. It is also consistent with the proposed appropriations set out in the Appropriations (2010/11 Estimates) Bill, as presented to the House of Representatives in accordance with section 13 of the Public Finance Act 1989, and with existing appropriations and financial authorities.


Maarten Wevers
Chief Executive
13 April 2011


Brent Anderson
Chief Financial Officer

13 April 2011